Saturday, May 2, 2020

Street Style Fashion ft. Korelimited

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. Recently, I was approached by this brand called Korelimited, and I immediately said yes after taking a look at their products. KORE stands for Keepin Our Roots Eternal, and their store mainly focuses on streetwear clothing. I am obsessed with Korean fashion, especially their streetwear.

The most fascinating aspect of their store is their designs, which emphasize Korean history and culture, whether it be the king's royal hanbok emblem or their flag. One of their recent collection features tops and hoodies with the history of March 1, their Independence Movement, which holds immense amounts of emotions for the Korean people. KORELIMITED is trying to promote its culture to everyone. And it doesn't matter whether you are Korean, or not, these designs make a statement regardless.

Furthermore, their shipping was really fast. I chose three items, and they all turned out to look exactly as they did on their website. The quality was remarkably nice, and the colors were vibrant as well. Also, another fact about their products is that they are all unisex.

The first product I picked was this WAVEDYE PULLOVER HOODIE. It was the perfect pink with light blue details on the sleeves and back. The size was pretty loose and oversized, which I loved. I paired it with my black tights and Fila sneakers to keep it a casual look.

The second product I received was this TAEGUK BARCODE CREWNECK in black. It was also available in two other colors, yellow and purple. It is a simple sweatshirt that can be worn daily. The white stripes, as well as the barcode on the back, makes this top look unique. 

And finally, the last product that I was sent was this SOJU SAMCHA CREWNECK in green color. This color looks perfect, and there are details on the back, as well as the sleeve, including a champion logo.

Overall, I loved everything, and I recommend these products to everyone looking for high-quality statement pieces to add to their wardrobe. Their quality, prices, and variety of styles is something you should check out. 
Shop here: Korelimited
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