Friday, April 19, 2019

Bags Wishlist from NEWCHIC

Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great as always. Today's post will be a little different since I will be sharing with you guys my bags wishlist. Recently I was organizing my wardrobe, and I realized how fewer bags I own currently. I have so many clothes, but limited bags to pair with my daily outfits. And that really got me considering doing some bag shopping, so rather than going out in person, I started looking for some bags online. As I was strolling, I came across this website called NewChic.I loved their bags collection, and luckily they were not only trendy but affordable as well.

Before jumping right into their bags, I want to give you all a brief intro about their store. They are an online store that sells a vast range of fashion merchandise that is not only chic but affordable and high quality as well. These days I am becoming more of an online shopper because it is really convenient to shop while I am in my pj's; all comfy and relaxed at my home. Plus, this store has a lot of promotions and flash sales going on right now, due to Easter so there could not be a better time to shop from them than right now. Also, they cater to men, women, and even kids. As far as shipping is concerned they ship worldwide and accept PayPal and many other safe means of payments. I really urge you all to go and check out their store so you guys can benefit from their sales timely.

Now let's dig right in their bag collection. I have shortlisted a few of my favorites so I decided to share them with you all below. I hope you guys like them as much as I do. Also, don't forget to leave your thoughts and comments below. 

Leather convertible backpacks

How To Use Hair Extensions - Three Ways

So you want to wear hair extensions, but you don't know where to start? Luckily, you've come to the right place. Whether it be clip in hair extensions, or even wigs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your hair. While we can go on for days about the different ways to use your pieces wisely, we will stick with the basics and give you 3 different ways that you can wear your hair extensions.


How can you not love long straight hair on your head? Straight hair has a way of bringing out your inner diva, and adding length to the mix is no exception. Play with a side part or a middle part to get different looks. And, with straight, clip-in extensions, you don't have to commit to the long hairstyle!


You know how they say curls are a girl's best friend? Curly hair extensions tend to be lower maintenance than straight ones, and also give you a very feminine look. Having your hair extensions curly is definitely a plus because you can just spray it with a little water then walk out the door. Every now and then, you'll need a little product to combat frizz, but curly hair is definitely good for those who don't want to wake up and straighten their hair every day. This isn't to say that you can't switch up your curly look. If you opt for human hair extensions, you can straighten the hair one day, and then wet it up to make the hair return to its curly state. Can you say two styles in one?


Add-on hair extensions from hair distributors involve pieces that are meant to accentuate a hairstyle as opposed to replacing it. Examples would be your ponytails, buns, or clip ins. They're different from the previous two styles in that they can easily be removed each day, and at the same time, your real hair will be showing in some way, shape, or form. The easiest style is ponytail extensions for short hair. Ponytails can make any boring look more fierce or sophisticated, depending on the length and texture of the ponytail that you're adding to your hair. It's as easy as slicking your hair into a tight ponytail using your favorite hair gel or edge control. Make sure that you do not pull your hair all the way through after you reach your desired tightness, meaning leave it in that little bun ??. If you have a clip in ponytail, then just attach the clips, pull it tightly around your bun, wrap the extra piece of hair around the base, and you're good to go! Ponytails extensions for short hair are perfect for a sleek long ponytail look.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Guide To The Right Lace Frontal for You

If you are new to the idea of wearing weaves and wigs, you may not have realized that there are so many choices for you to make when it comes to different styles and shapes. There is a lot of terminology thrown around in the industry that can be confusing to you, and if you are not careful about what each item is, you could end up spending a great deal of money for a piece that is not suited for you or does not provide you with the look that you want. It is worth it to you to take the time to learn about the different options so you can make the right choice. Here are some basics regarding lace frontal so that you can see if this choice is the best for you.

Describing a Frontal

A frontal wig is a wig that has lace on the front of edges of the wig so that you can create a new hairline that goes from ear to ear. The entire front of your hairline will get covered by a frontal so that you can have a completely new look to your hair. Frontals can get sewn in behind your ears so that you get a hairline that looks completely natural to you and others. Frontals are typically bigger than some of the other wig options you will find because they must cover your entire hairline to give you a look you want.

Greater Versatility

Many women today choose to go with a lace frontal because it provides them with much more versatility in styling than a choice like a lace closure. With a frontal, you can make use of more pullback hairstyles than you could with other options. You can easily pull the hair back from your face without the fear of showing any seams.

Looking for Frontals

You will see that you can find a lace frontal in nearly any color, length or style you might like to try. To see a fantastic line of frontals that can give you a new look and greater flexibility with your hairstyles. You can go to our website to see our fine selection of lace wigs choose the one you love the best and have it sent to you so that you can have it done at your salon and get the fabulous look you want.