Saturday, December 22, 2018

GMYLE Review: Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror + Black Cosmetic Pouch

Hey everyone, todays post features my new Vanity Makeup Mirror that I received from GMYLE. It came along with a black cosmetic pouch that makes it very convenient for me to carry my everyday makeup items around when I travel.

The mirror itself is portable and compact. The tray of the mirror can hold accessories like hair ties, hair clips and earrings. Plus, it is rotatable mirror and you adjust it for your perfect viewing angle. 

The mirror lights up and shows true colors which helps in achieving flawless makeup. The touch control has over 3 continuous brightness levels and you can adjust the ideal light easily. No matter if you need it for makeup or to do your eyebrow tweezing.

Also since it’s rechargeable which a huge plus point because batteries would have been a big issue in my opinion. The 1000 mah battery can be charged by the micro-usb cable that comes along with the mirror. A full charge lasted around 3-4 hours for me.


  1. What a cool product.

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

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