Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Holiday/Black Friday Sales Round Up (Part 1)

Hello! I am back just in time for the holiday season. And I have come with a Holiday/Black Friday sales guide featuring many of my favorite retailers Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Finishline, Anthropologie, Walmart, Fashionphile, Maurices, and Flannels. You can find links below with their sale offerings and my favorites from their stores. Also, don't forget to check back for part two of this post.


Holiday Deal Event ends 11/29 - uptown 60% off
Cozy Slipper UGG

Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick Balm YVES SAINT LAURENT

Hooded Corduroy Puffer SAM EDELMAN

Faux Leather Leggings SPANX

Nordstrom Rack 

Holiday Deal Event

Alani Cashmere Sweater 360 CASHMERE

Oversized Square Sunglasses SAINT LAURENT

Ribbed Cuff Beanie GIVENCHY

Refreshed Trinity Kit - Pinktini NUFACE


Early Holiday Sale: 40% off Select Styles with code GIFT40
Date: 11/10 12 AM ET - 11/14 11:59 PM ET
Code: GIFT40






Extra 30% Off sale

Pleated Wide-Leg Corduroy Trousers By Anthropologie

Faux Leather Shirt By Anthropologie

Pilcro Oxford Tunic Buttondown 

Avec Les Filles Cropped Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Happy shopping!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

How to Wear Skirts in Winter - Tips for Keeping Warm

Ensuring you look stylish all year round can be challenging during cold and chilly seasons. Putting on denim and leggings might seem the only option due to the fear of freezing your legs when wearing a skirt. Fortunately, despite the cold season, you can still embrace your style statement. You can wear skirts in winter and look incredibly chic without freezing your legs. Here are easy styling tips to help you keep warm and stay stylish during winter. 

Long Skirts for The Winter

When putting on skirts during winter, you shouldn't only wear shorts. Consider selecting the length according to the environment and weather. Opt for maxi or long skirts during super chilly days to stay warm. Also, you can consider completing the look with an oversized sweater or a jacket.

Consider putting on tights or shorts under your maxi skirt for an extra layer of warmth. There are various ways of styling your maxi or midi skirts from wholesale women clothing. You can add a belt over it or tuck in the sweater and finish the look with ankle-length boots.

Select Skirts Made with Warm Fabric

Although short skirts may not provide much warmth, selecting a fabric such as wool and cotton at wholesale women clothing can offer more warmth. Suede, denim, and velvet can also provide extra warmth. Once you select the suitable fabric, you will only need to pair them with warm clothing such as a cardigan and leggings. 

Wear Dark Colors 

During summer, light colors make clothing pieces keep your body fresh and cool during summer through reflecting sunlight. However, you should prefer darker colors during the chilly season to ensure you stay warm and keep your winter outfits classy and chic.

Style Your Skirt with A Long Coat

You might be concerned about showing off your legs during chilly weather, but you can complete your look with a long coat. Use a long jacket to add an extra layer of warmth and cover your legs. This particular style is elegant and gives quite a sophisticated look for winter. Consider adding accessories to finish the look, and you are good to go. 

All Leather

Leather jackets protect you from winter chills and keep you warm. Consider wearing leather skirts from boutique clothing wholesale during winter to achieve a leather look from head to toe. Wearing a leather skirt will protect you from chilly weather. Complete the look with leather footwear or boots.

A stylish all-leather look is perfect for those winter casual dates and outings. Also, you can consider carrying a mini leather sling to make your style appear edgier. If your skirt and jacket are black, wear a colorful top underneath to enhance your look. Also, you can wear a satin shirt to make your outfit appear classy. 


There are various ways of wearing your favorite skirts all year round, even during winter. Although this clothing doesn't offer much protection compared to pants, you can stay warm and fashionable by following the above tips. Check out boutique clothing wholesale for the most stylish clothing to keep you warm this winter.