Friday, June 8, 2018

Influenster Clarins Water Lip Stain VoxBox

Hey everyone, today I'll be reviewing this Clarins Water Lip Stain VoxBox that I recently got from Influenster

The box included Clarins Water Lip Stain in red water and Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in candy pink. 

I have tried various lip stains before, but this one really does wonders. It's bold red in color which makes it perfect for me. And the best part is that it stays on for almost all day with eating and drinking! 

It goes on with smooth and easy application and the color intensity is buildable by the number of coats you apply. Another plus point is the fact that this product doesn't dries your lips at all which is one of the biggest concerns with lip stains these days. 

This lip comfort oil is something that I always needed since my lips are normally dry and chapped. This product helps moisturize my lips and give them a plump look. 

I honestly saw my lips instantly recovered and more nourished with first time application. It goes on the lips easily and doesn't make them sticky either while leaving a subtle pink hue on the lips. 

Overall, I am really pleased with both these product and I'd definitely recommend it to everyone out there.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars 

A disclaimer: I received this product for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest opinions.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Best Ways to Buy the Proper Engagement

Planning your wedding, honeymoon and life together is a wonderful experience filled with hopes, dreams and fantastic expectations. You might have been looking forward to this day since you first laid eyes on your loved one. And are prepared to take on this fantastic responsibility, but first there is one hurdle to overcome.

How do you know which ring is appropriate for her? Will she like it? Did I pay the best price? Is it a great quality moonstone engagement ring? Every man faces these concerns and needs some basic information as a way to make the best choice. This article ought to enable you to gain some insight in to picking the right ring for the perfect lady.

Firstly, in case you are choosing the ring without her, you need to consider her personal style and preferences. Even though a lot of ladies would favor to select their very own ring, it is a fantastic gesture to surprise her. Asking her loved ones and friends would be a fantastic way to make sure that you make the correct selection. Take time to browse through her jewelry collection to ensure that you can get a sense of what she likes. Do whatever you need to do to acquire as a lot information out of her without ruining the surprise. This can be a difficult job, but take pleasure in it.

Next, establish just how much you are in a position to invest on garnet engagement rings. Once you have your spending budget figured out, you are going to be able to look for a ring within that cost range. Take into account the practical implications of getting a ring. If your wife to be is a bit of a daredevil and loves roughing it in the outdoors, then deciding on a huge ring with a protruding diamond is probably not for her. You need to choose a ring which will compliment her way of life and that is durable enough to withstand her recreational activities.

Finally, think about the appearance of the rose gold matching wedding bands. Select something which is exclusive, timeless, and spectacular. She will be wearing it for the duration of your married life so do not be afraid to impress her with your selection. The majority of folks favor diamonds for their engagement rings and having some details about diamonds can prove to be helpful. Since most of us have very little information about diamonds, selecting a reliable jeweler is imperative. You may be relying largely on their expertise and experience, so make certain you select your jeweler wisely and very carefully.

Making U Part Wig with Malaysian Virgin Hair Bundles

Malaysian Virgin hair extensions are known for their lustre and high level of quality. Their nature makes it possible for them to blend with your natural hair. Asides from wearing them as extensions sewn to your natural hair, they can be made into a wig. 

This blog post is a step by step procedure on how to do a U-part wig with Malaysian virgin hair bundles. U-part wigs are wigs that have a hole in the middle with the shape of a U. With this hole, you can blend your natural hair into the wig to create a part that looks natural. With these understood, below is a step by step procedure for making your wig.

Hair oil and cream, Rat-tail comb,
Styrofoam wig head,
Stand for wig head,
Wig-making cap, weaving cap, or spandex cap (black),
Sewing pins or straight pins,
Tailor's chalk or colored eyeliner,
Curved sewing needle,
Strong thread,
Hair combs or wig clips
2 to 3 bundles of wefted hair.


  1. Put Together Your Wig Cap and Wig head, properly place your wig cap on your styrofoam wig head. Draw a U-shaped part on the wig cap. You can make use of a white chalk used by dress makers. If Incase you want a side part, make sure that you do it on the right side of the wig cap.
  2. Place the wig head onto a stable stand. Turn your wig cap inside out. Then pin it to the wig head, and proceed to sew your first weft. Ensure the weft goes from ear-to-ear following the bottom edge of the cap. Move your thread down across the weft. Youre done with the bottom. Now for the top, push the needle through the wig cap and back out. Keep sewing till you get to the other side. Ensure you don't cut your weft. Tie the weft firmly to the wig cap.It is advisable that the distance of your weft is the same as the distance between your ears right along your back hair line.
  3. Turn the cap over and proceed with your sewing. Turn your wig cap with the right-side-out and sew the weft unto the wig cap.Cut the weft, and start your next row. The new row should start half or a quarter inch above the last row. Sew the row from one end to the other, then proceed to cut the weft, or alternatively fold it back on itself and proceed with the next row. Sew new rows of the weft till you are about a quarter or half inch away from the drawn part then stop.
  4. Sew your new rows as close as possible to each other. This will enable you style the wig with ease and blend it with your own hair.Remove the wig from wig head and cut away the part. If sewing pins were used, remove them first. The moment the wig is removed,cut the wig cap using the lines that you drew. You will be adding one more weft so dont cut so close to the left weft.
  5. Sew the last weft using the cut edge as guide and tie it twice to secure it. Upon getting to the other end, tie a knot then cut the thread and the weft. Sew combs inside your wig. Use flexible wig combs that are equal to your U-part. When sewing the comb, ensure the teeth's don't face the part. Sew another set of smaller combs to the nape of the wig, ensure the teeth's back the hem.

Voila your wig is ready. Style your hair vendors turn wig as you please. You can straighten or curl it. It would be way easier to style the wig while it's on the wig head. Don't forget to apply some shine serum into your wig.