Monday, April 10, 2017

Kenra Platinum Voxbox by Influenster

Hey everyone, I am fond of coloring my hair and my color changes in past couple of months clearly supports this fact. And trust me, maintaining these hair colors have always been hard. I really want the color to last longer but it fades away no matter what I try. 


 But luckily, I got this Influenster Kenra Platinum Voxbox in my mail a couple of days ago. And it included a Kenra Platinum shampoo along with a conditioner. 

Absolutely in love with the delicious grape fragrance of these products. The texture of the product makes application very smooth and easy.

The resulting hair become super shiny and vibrant in color.  Both the products claim to keep the hair color fresh for up to 50 shampoos or more. 

I would personally recommend that these products for all those who are addicted to frequent hair coloring procedures. These both products are ideal for all hair types and colors.

A disclaimer: I received all of these products for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest opinions.

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