Sunday, February 8, 2015

Customized iPhone Case from

Today I'll be showing you guys my new customized case that I got from CaseApp

About them:
Make a custom case or skin for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, MacBook and more with our lovely unique designing tool! ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!

So, I got really excited when I was asked to get a customized case from them. 
It took me almost 2 days to decide on what to print on it. And luckily, I stumbled upon this cute picture of Homer from "The Simpsons" with all these yummy donuts around him. And immediately I decided to get it printed.

I am really impressed by the results I got. The print on the case is not dull or unclear. It's bright like I imagined it to be!

The best part is that the print covers the sides of the case too. Unlike some other customizing sites which don't allow that.

The case itself is made of great quality and it fits on my iPhone 5s perfectly.

Overall, I am really impressed and I am willing to get some more cases customized from them in the mere future.

Plus, I recommend you all to give it a go too. You can mark my words that you won't regret buying from them!

Website: CaseApp 
Other Links: Facebook | Instagram


  1. This case is super cute

  2. Great pick, Bisma! I love Simpsons too! xoxo

  3. hahahah it's really funny

    xx Anna and Christel <3 it takes 2 to fashion ps. don't miss out on our GIVEAWAY MONTH!

  4. Oohh lucky you! wonder if they do them for my monstrous iPhone 6 Plus yet?!

  5. I love this case dear!! It's so funny! ♥


  6. I love it :)) So cute :)))

  7. Love the case! Customized is good. T.

  8. Thats a cute design you selected. And this is a great site! :)