Monday, August 5, 2019

Top 5 Acne Products

Every now and then I get random pimples, but recently I have been getting a lot of hormonal acne around me cheeks and jawline. I have tried various products and some of them have really been helping in reducing my acne. Today I will share my top 5 products that have helped me so far. On the side note I'd mention that my skin is not that sensitive and it is a combination of both dry and oily.  

Oh I love this product and it has more that 17k positive reviews on amazon. It's an official Holy Grail product of mine. You have to mix it with apple cider vinegar and not just water. Also, make sure not to mix it with a metal spoon as it deactivates the powders effect. This product makes my pimples reduce in size so I do not have to pop them anymore.  I use it once-a-week to get the dirt out of me pores and prevent any new breakouts.It does make my skin red right after but then it goes back to normal. It is literally the best mask I've ever used.

Price: $9.99
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I use it every night before i go to sleep and this product has changed my life. My break outs have reduced and my skin is finally glowing. It has 20% Vitamin C, Retinol, Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid which are all really beneficial for acne prone skin.
Price: 24.79 (bit pricey, but worth it)
Product Link:

St. Ives Acne Control Apricot Face Scrub

This is an old favorite of mine and for the price you can't complain. I normally use it 2-3 times per week and it seems to work well. My skin did not react, and I instead found this product to be gentle yet effective. 

Price: $3.07 
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Alright now these last two products were actually recommended to me by my doctor. The face wash is available over the counter while the gel was prescribed to me.

The face wash has a nice gentle and creamy consistency which leaves my face feeling soft. It is a bit drying so I follow up with Cetaphil moisturizer. Overall I love it and I can’t wait for it to clear my skin completely. 

Price: $9.78

Clindamycin phosphate topical gel 1%

I usually apply a thin layer of medication twice a day after using my benzoyl peroxide wash. Be sure to wash your hands after application. It has definitely reduced my acne and I have noticed that my acne scars are beginning to blur out. I'll continue to use it till I get clear skin.  

I hope that all this information can help you guys in overcoming your acne problems and get your perfectly clear skin back. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  2. I'll keep this in my bookmarks! Because sometimes my acne just pops out!

    The Flower Duet

  3. I use Tea tree and the anti-blemish products from Clinique. Super efective!