Saturday, November 24, 2018

Tips to Managing Hair loss with Well-Maintained Human Hair Wigs

Hair loss is a common problem faced by men and women of different ages around the world. Hair loss can be caused by many medical conditions, drug reaction, genetics, lifestyle, and age. With your hair thinning out you might feel that your hairstyle options will get limited. Lace front wigs for hair loss can be your saving grace. Human hair lace front wigs come in different lengths, colours, and styles. Ultra-realistic lace front wigs can be a little expensive, but the quality of the product is worth the price tag. 

If you are planning to buy lace front wigs for hair loss then here are a few simple tips that can help you maintain your wig:

Choose the Right Wig

Choosing the right kind of wig is the first step towards having a natural looking wig. You can choose to buy synthetic or human hair wigs. You can choose to have lace-front or full lace wigs. You can choose to buy a cap-less wig or a monofilament wig. Human hair, lace-front, monofilament wigs are the ones that look most natural and are easy to maintain. Consider the pros and cons of each wig type before spending money on it. 

Style Your Wig After Delivery

Lace front wigs for hair loss might look disappointing once you unpack it. Human hair lace front wigs usually take up the shape of the package that it has been enclosed in. Whether you order your wig online or buy it from a retail store, you need to give your wig some breathing time. Take your wig out of the box, put it on a Styrofoam wig head and comb it gently. Combing the hair and leaving it on the wig head allows the wig to regain its original shape. 

Wash Regularly

Just like your own head of hair you need to wash lace front wigs for hair loss. Washing your human hair lace front wig will require a few products. You need to have a mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing the wig needs to be done with great care. The wig cap does need to be washed. Go through wig washing tutorials before you set out to clean your wig. 

Comb Meticulously

Combing your wig is a frequent activity that can keep your wig well maintained. You need to take a comb to your wig:

After you wash your wig
When you dry your wig
As you style your wig
Before you wear your wig 
After you are done wearing your wig

Once your wig starts getting tangled, untangling the fibers will lead to wig damage. 

Avoid Certain Activities with Your Wig On

There are many activities that you need to avoid when wearing a lace front wigs for hair loss. Jumping into a pool with your wig will dissolve the glue and damage your wig. You do not want your wig to go floating away at a pool party. 

Sleeping with your wig on will damage your wig. As your wig rubs on your pillow, the fibers can come undone. Take your wig off before going to bed. 

Dying a wig will damage the fibers even with human hair wigs. If you want to try different hair colors, then buy different colored wigs instead of trying to dye your wig. 

Choose the right wig and maintain it well to sport a variety of hairstyles even with a thinning head of hair.


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