Friday, June 2, 2017

BestHairStore Extensions | Review

Hey everyone, today I'd like to review the hair extensions that I recently got from BestHairStore. I won't deny but this was my first time ever that I got hair extensions. And I picked the wrong color by mistake since it is very dark as compared to my original copper brown hair.

The package included hair extensions, pair of lashes and a set of hair combs.

I am really looking forward to try the lashes one of these days. They are made from 100% mink hair and they will make my eyes look more dramatic.

The pair of comb looks great quality and the extension itself is made from Human Hair giving it a very soft feel.

The length I picked was 10 inches since my original hair are not that long. And I want them to grow but they are taking forever. So having extensions as alternate to fulfill my desire is all I could ask for.

Overall, I loved everything about the extensions and I am looking forward to order another one, and this time in my hair color. I recommend you all to shop at this store as well because of their speedy delivery and excellent quality.