Saturday, June 27, 2015

Celebrities Who Wear Corsets

Have you ever considcorsetdeaing a corset to achieve a slimmer shape, but weren't quite sure whether corsets were officially back in style? If so, wonder no longer. The waist-training movement, made possible with comfortable, steel-boned overbust and underbust corsets, is moving forward full-steam ahead. Not only are women around the world just like you leveraging the power of the waist training corset to achieve longer-lasting results, but celebrities are, too!

Which celebs have been spotted embracing the waist training corset?

1. Kim Kardashian
Kim has been an unabashed advocate of the waist-training corset, as her Instagram account will attest! Kim frequently wears underbust waist training corsets both atop and underneath ensembles to give her figure that extra advantage. By all accounts, it seems to be working!

2. Jessica Alba
Few would guess just by looking at Jessica Alba that this actress is actually a mother of two. Her slim physique and tapered waist gives nothing away, thanks in part to the help of waist training corsets. Corsets are not only helping women accentuate the figure they already have, but are helping them regain core toning that can be lost after pregnancy. 

3. Lily James
Lily James, star of the 2015 movie Cinderella, also achieved her incredibly small waist with the assistance of a corset. The actress noted in an interview that while her waist is naturally small, it was only with a corset that she was able to create that now infamous tapered waist while in Cinderella's ball gown. 

4. Beyoncé
Even the reigning Queen of, well, everything is rumored to get a little help from shapewear like waist training corsets. Beyoncé has frequently worn costumes that involve corsets while performing on stage, but it's believed that she also is a fan of the corset offstage, too. Like Kim, if her Instagram photos are any indication, the corsets are doing their job!

5. Emma Watson
Yes, even Emma Watson has been spotted in a corset. While Emma's corset ensemble appears to be more of a fashion choice than an attempt to train her waist, she still raises an important fact: corsets are fashionable! Thus, even if waist-training isn't on your list of priorities, the corset is still worth considering for its fashion potential.

Ready to experience a waist training corset for yourself? 
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