Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Born Pretty Store's Hot Pink Flocking Powder & Earrings-Review

Hi everyone,

Today I will be reviewing Hot Pink Flocking Powder and Earrings that I recently got from Born Pretty Store.

1-Hot Pink Flocking Velvet Powder-$4.06

Flocking powder is a very easy manicure for everyone which can transform your nails into a very trendy eye catching look.

I got the one in hot pink color and it looks fabulous when worn.

How to use:

1-Lay down an old newspaper or a bowl to protect the area and also to save the leftover powder for reuse.
2-Apply base coat on your nails and let it dry.
3-Apply nail polish(the same color as the Velvet Powder) and let it dry as well.

4. Then apply a clear top coat or the same nail polish again on your nails and before it dries
sprinkle some flocking powder on them with the help of tweezers.

5. Use a brush to sweep away any excess powder and you are done.
6-Now pour the leftover back into the bottle for reuse.

Because of the 3D texture, there's no need for a top coat.

Here is the finished look:

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2-Hot Pink Triangle Earrings-$2.69

Love the color and size of these earrings.They look absolutely gorgeous when worn.

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Visit: Born Pretty Store.


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