Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hi Everyone,

After the CreaClip review now it time for CreaNails.It is another great product by CreaProducts.

What the company says about it:

The nail stencils comfortably fit your fingers allowing you to apply nail polish with ease! Even with your left hand! No more unwanted nail polish. Now you can get professional nail polish in just minutes. 

  • 26 Pieces & 10 Sizes - Many sizes to fit each finger
  • 32 French Strips - For precise french application

My thoughts about this product:

I always had trouble when it comes to apply nail polish as I used to end up with messy fingers.But this product has solved this problem.

This product allows you to apply nail polish perfectly with your left hand as well.Which wasn't really possible before I got this product.

It is a great invention and has eased the problem of all those who were not good at nail polish application.

The set contains 10 stencils for each hand plus an extra 6 pieces of the most popular sizes.The set also included bonus 30 french strips.

I got this set for $24.99 which is very reasonable because you only have to spend once and this set will last forever.

All the stencils are made of Polypropylene and they are reusable.All you have to do is to use a nail polish remover for cleaning them.

Here is what you have to do:

1-Select the perfect size stencils for your fingers and put them on.

2-Apply the desired color nail polish. 

3-Let the polish dry perfectly.

4-For French tip, apply the strip as shown.

5-Paint the nail tip with desired color.

6-Let the tip dry perfectly and then remove the strip.

7-And there you go, perfect looking nails at home with ease.

Now you can clean the stencils with a nail polish remover.

See how easy and quick it was to use.And the results were actually like professionals.

My sincere advice to you is to give this product a try.You won't regret buying it.

For International Orders: Visit CreaProducts.

(They have a warehouse in UK now and for Fast Shipping and No Custom Charges throughout Europe)

Visit: CreaClip.


  1. Wow, you find the best stuff! This would be a life saver!

  2. I need 'em to paint my nails. I'm not good at it.
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  7. Isso é mesmo giro, eu precisava de algo assim :D
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  8. That is such a great invention!! I always make such a mess and don't think it is the best to be scrubing my skin with nail polish remover!! Great review dear!!