Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Designer Wedding Dresses at Cocomelody

Hey everyone hope you all are doing well. I am done with my finals and have enough time to blog now. So today I'll be talking about designer wedding dresses which are really hyped these days. No girl would prefer to wear a normal no name dress on her special day. I mean wedding is the most significant event in a girls life and everyone wishes it to be memorable. And an exceptional wedding dress can really help in that.

So I was looking all over the net and I came across this amazing site called Cocomelody that has all what I was looking for. They have an amazing collection for wedding dresses that are designed according to the latest fashion trends and in a vast variety of colors. And not just that, they are extremely affordable too. So now you can get your perfect wedding dress without spending large sum of money.

Along with that, what attracted me the most were the mermaid wedding dresses that are my favorite trend for this season because of their elegancy and charm. They have a huge range of mermaid style dresses available in different textures or material and colors.

 Also right now they are having this promotion in which you guys can get free shipping on orders over $300+. All you have to do is use the code W4 at the time of checkout. So hurry up before the offer ends and head to shop right away :)


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  2. So Stunning look with Beautiful dress.

  3. They have really, really great collections. Nice!

  4. Beautiful dresses...especiall the 4th one!


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