Saturday, October 12, 2013

Born Pretty Store's Nail Art Studs and Wax Pencil - Review

Hello everyone,

Today I will review nail art studs and rhinestone picker wax pencils with you guys. I got them from Born Pretty Store a while ago.

Nail Studs ($3.99)

These studs are aluminium plated and they come in a 6 cm round box. The color of these studs is mainly gold and  silver.

The box includes approximately 200 pieces of different styled studs. These studs can be used for nails as well as for decorating other items such as cell phones, glasses, cards etc.

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Wax Pencil ($1.99)

I hate when it comes to picking rhinestones and placing them perfectly on the nail. I found this wax pencil and decided to give it a try. It is made of soft wax and comes in a pack of two. You need to sharpen it before using.

It worked amazingly and the studs were in place without any hassle. 

You don't have to worry about picking rhinestones and beads now all you need is this wax pencil which does the job fantastically. 

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How to Use:

1- Apply the desired nail color and let it dry.

2- Re- apply the same color and while it is still wet place the studs on the nail.
(Use the wax pencil for picking the studs)

3-Press them a little and then let the nail dry.

4-In the end seal with a clear top coat.

See how it easy it is. But I must say that this wax pencil made it a lot easier.
You don't really need to be a professional to do this nail art even a beginner can achieve this look with ease.

Finished look:

These studs are super easy to use and can give your nail a stunning look in minutes. I recommend you all to give them a try. I know you will love them.

Ranking: 10/10

If you are interested in buying these items or any other product from their site then you can always use my 10% OFF Code.

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