Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jewelry Haul from ""

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be showing you my recent jewelry picks from Wholesale-Orders.

About Wholesale-Orders:

It is a China based online store that sells a wide range of products including:

1-Woman Accessories
2-Men Accessories
6-Costumes and much more.

Here you will find thousands of products offered at incredible wholesale prices with no minimum order. 

The best part about their site is that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the goods, you can exchange or ask for refund.(within 15 days of purchase)

They sell Worldwide and provide 24 Hour customer service on weekdays.

This site also offers Free Shipping on some range of its goods but on others a minor shipping is to be paid.


This site accepts Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Transfer which are perfectly secure means of payment.So you don't have to be worried about being cheated.


They ships via China Post, DHL, DPEX, Aramex, JCEX, FedEx, UPS & EMS.

Here is what I bought from their site:

1-Pink Flower Earrings ($1.99)

2-Golden Heart Bracelet ($1.99)

3-Green Hanging Earrings ($1.99)

4-Heart Chain ($1.99)

5-Star Ring ($1.82)

6- Cigarette Chain ($1.99)

7-White Crystal Earrings ($1.99)

I bought all the items from the free shipping section and I loved everything I picked.

All the items were of great quality but very cheap in terms of money.

It is sure an amazing site and I am definitely going to buy more stuff from them in the future.

I strongly recommend you all to try out their stuff.You won't regret at all.



  1. im waiting my order from them xD
    nice haul. i like the earrings <3

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  2. omg that cigarette box necklace is adorable!

  3. Hi dear!
    This page is amazing, so cool stuff
    love the earrings

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